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Thank you for your interest in First Court. Please answer a few questions to help us understand your case. Once we have answers from both sides, we will call you to discuss our recommendation for the best way to proceed.
OK, I understand.

Is your goal to reach a settlement with the other side?

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Are you Willing to follow First Court's lead to persuade the other side that your valuation in fair?


What is a short version of your case caption?


Who is making settlement decisions for the other side?


What is your best estimate of the verdict if this case were to go to trial?

(Confidential, your numbers will not be shared with the other side)
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When is the next most important deadline for you in this case?


Please describe that deadline:

What best describes your efforts to settle so far?

No communications with the other side

Some communications, but no demand/offer

Some communications, and demand and/or offer has been made
Extensive communications (multiple phone calls and/or meetings)

(Note this will be shared with the other side as an indication of your objectivity and intent to negotiate in good faith)

Please chose a date and time that you would like to schedule your 1 Hour Mediation. We will propose this time to the opposing negotiator, and will contact you if they are unavailable and need to coordinate a different date/time


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Anthing else you would like us to consider for scheduling?
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